Power Skills to Excel at Work.

You will develop high levels of job performance using practical techniques.

be more organized

Make agile decisions based on complex information.

be more productive

Maintain complete emotional balance even under pressure.

be more assertive

Communicate effectively with people of all kinds.

Are you increasingly asked for more results with fewer resources?

There is a lot of pressure to achieve results in your company and in the position you occupy, a lot of responsibility is offloaded so that you lead multiple people effectively. Month after month you have not only the pressure to be accountable to the directors of the business, you also have the pressure to guide your collaborators through the challenges that the industry presents. You're in the crossfire and looking to have all the right weapons to put up a fair fight!

Your team is working routinely without understanding the reason and the impact of their tasks on the business result.

You have had forced conversations with your team where there is no input to find solutions.

You have noticed how they often pigeonhole and exclude people based on unfavorable behavior or performance instead of giving effective improvement feedback.

You have been exposed to general and imprecise conversations that give a false sense of agreement.

Take control...

We understand the stress you face! You deserve a prosperous career that allows you to achieve the vision of life you want. A life in balance, prosperous to provide for your family, calm to enjoy more your time and moments of rest and, above all, having more time to share with the people you love; starting with you, your partner, your children, your friends.

Precise techniques to develop high performance

The advancement of technology and the pandemic have changed the rules of the game in the business world. To be up to these new challenges, it is necessary to use precise techniques to develop high performance, it is necessary to acquire POWER SKILLS.

Mindphosis is the leading mind transformation Academy that uses cutting-edge methodologies ranked #3 worldwide by Global Gurus that will provide you with proven techniques to achieve extraordinary job performance

Vanguard Methodology To Train Your Mind!

Your job success depends on training your mind in skills that unleash high performance, standing out and developing a competitive advantage. Is this possible? Absolutely! Mindphosis is the next evolutionary step in the management and executive training industry.

Our absolutely hands-on programs are designed to give you high-level mental training for high-performance performance in whatever area you see fit.

Beyond ideas and concepts, we will provide you with practical techniques that you can implement immediately. Our team will assist you at all times by giving you specific feedback on the expertise you are achieving and how to improve until you reach the level of excellence that the program offers you.

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Power Skills In Just 3 Steps

For managers, Mindphosis is the leading Mindset Transformation Academy that helps them become more organized, assertive, and productive so they can aspire to better jobs and change their lives.

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1) Enroll in the training program.

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2) Allow our coaches to take you by the hand in your learning.

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3) Apply the techniques immediately and get exceptional results.

Our promise to you

Mental transformation programs with follow-up.

+64 Practical techniques of 100% functional mental transformation.

Certified experts in cognitive science helping you.

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For companies

Discover specialized programs for multiple individuals within a company or institution.

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For individuals

Work with experts through specialized mind transformation programs on an individual basis.

Mind Transformation Services

High performance programs for companies

Mental transformation programs specialized in training work teams within a company.
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High performance programs for individuals

Programas de transformación mental para gerentes que desean alcanzar un alto nivel de desempeño profesional y personal.
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Advanced training for human management professionals

Training programs aimed at mental health professionals who want to learn cutting-edge techniques to more accurately guide their clients.
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Private 1:1 coaching programs

1:1 coaching sessions with an accredited expert in mental training and cognitive sciences for corporate executives and CEOs.
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POWER SKILLS: Get the skills of the future, today.

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Develop empathy that will give you greater persuasion and negotiation skills, clearly matching the needs of your clients with what you require to achieve your goals.

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Critical thinking

You will learn techniques to extract high-value information from each situation, achieving a high level of critical reasoning that will translate into high productivity.

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Problem solving

You will acquire the mental ability to structure information with a high level of focus towards the search for effective solutions.

Accelerated learning

You will learn to accurately identify opportunities for improvement to increase your competitiveness and that of your team.









How Mindphosis has changed my life

“I have learned to make better use of my time, namely, that I must give a detailed instruction to precisely obtain what is requested. Always appreciate what my team does and give correct feedback. Be willing to receive feedback as well. 

Paola Cardona – HR Coordinator

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We are not just another business school or motivation program, we are the first mind transformation academy based on cognitive science in America.
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Rebecca was a manager who was frustrated with her job and work life. She had difficulty working with her peers, felt overwhelmed, disorganized, and felt a lot of anxiety.

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Rebecca knew that she needed to change. And to do it, it was necessary to work on her mind. Rebecca made the wisest decision of her life, and decided to invest in herself through a training program.

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The results were incredible. Rebecca is now more assertive, productive, and organized than ever. Not only is she a different person, she feels different. She feels happier.

Sounds familiar? Discover how Mindphosis helps you to be more productive, assertive and organized by clicking here

What are you going to get from Mindphosis

  • Access to an exclusive platform with +100 hours of content and +64 mind transformation techniques.
  • Deliberate practice labs to expertly develop each technique.
  • Personalized follow-up through video calls in our 8-week program.
  • Acceso a la comunidad exclusiva de espirales.
  • Certificado acreditado por Mindphosis y NeuroSemantics.
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Mindphosis: A guide to transformation.

Find out more about our philosophy and the story behind America's #1 mind transformation academy.

power skills Garantía del 100%

Money Back Guarantee

With Mindphosis improve your personal productivity and learn up to 16 mental techniques in 8 weeks or the program is completely FREE. But wait, there's more! If you don't receive your Mindphosis-accredited certificate upon completion of our mind transformation program, we'll refund 100% of your money, directly into your pocket.

“Mindphosis, the first mind transformation academy in all of America”